Tiana Burton, a multifaceted individual who wears many hats. She is a mother, entrepreneur, passionate advocate for women empowerment, published bestselling author and certified business/entrepreneur life coach. She is the cofounder of Total Diva Konnection (TDK), a collective of accomplished women committed to empowering others through networking, resource sharing, and inspiring creativity to achieve personal and professional goals. Tiana also co-owns an entertainment business which curates events geared towards promoting body positivity and self-esteem building. Tiana is also a certified suicide intervention and prevention specialist.

Aside from being a dedicated social worker for Los Angeles County, Tiana manages to balance her professional responsibilities with her unwavering commitment to community service. She has an impressive background, having served on the Board of Directors for Working Women International, cofounder and Regional Director for the POWER Network, and serves on the board of directors for a Time to Tell Foundation, a supportive services to women who have triumphed over trauma. Tiana contributes her time and efforts to the administrative board of St. Julian Salvation, and Art Active LA. 

Tiana holds a degree in Public Administration and a Master of Science degree in Behavioral Science, specializing in Negotiation and Conflict Management, both obtained from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She also earned a Master os Arts in Public Health Administration. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in which she focuses her research on the maternal influence of women in leadership positions. 

Tiana is an enthusiastic humanitarian who is passionate about the total health and wellness of women, youth, and underserved populations. In addition to her commitment to these causes, she has also selflessly devoted her time and heart to serving as a foster mother. She is a loving, caring mother to seven beautiful children. In addition to her nurturing nature, she finds immense joy in the art of cooking, creating delectable dishes that bring smiles to the faces of her loved ones and traveling.